Monday, August 18, 2008

Who's Hacking Who's SEO Contest Entry?

Today, as part of my experiment and learning with SEO and joining a contest, the Cebu SEO Contest and trying to see if an inner page can take that long in such a very competitive keyword in a SEO contest, my curiosity led me to an entry that is also ranking on the top 10 of the first page. This entry, to avoid any misconceptions is owned by perhaps the only female in the top 10 slots which includes mine.

The owner of the entry is bragging in the comments section of the contest organizer that her entry was hacked. Well, I may not be the authority with hacking and such stuff but by common sense, if indeed an entry is hacked, do you think your content would have been still available in there and your rankings not hurt by dropping all of a sudden? And who would hack a domain of such that you don't even own. If you guys out there don't know what the targets of hackers are, here's a quick look...

If your site is hacked in the first place, hackers replace the content of a site with either his/her a.k.a. or alias or his very own name and when you load your page, you will see a message that most likely would say that you are hacked! if this is still not clear, here's another, how much money do you think can the hacker as you claim get from your blog (which by the way is not even your own domain) It does not even have anything of revenue interest for a hacker.

Mind you, hackers don't waste their time trying to take what is not even owned by you in the first place. Another thing is, do you think your blog is worth the hacking for a hacker who spend literally thousands of dollars with his resources just to win over you? Do you think you deserve the HACK?

In another case, if you were being sabotaged because of this contest by other contestants, then my question is, why are you still up there? Get that? We, the other contestants in the Cebu SEo contest deserves an explanation of why you came over with such a thought. Did it ever occur to you that we are all here because we are just looking for a little exposure and a little time for making friends. And did it not ever occur to you that we are all here not just for the contest prize which I think if it would be I or others here wouldn't have joined.

We can all actually just buy our own domains to get one but what we are all after here is the experience so who are you to tell us and brag about your contest entry being hacked? Be careful of your words or you might not find friends but instead enemies. PEACE!


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