Friday, August 22, 2008

UBD is Now a 1-Year Old Baby

First, what is UBD? I've been out there in the web stalking great blogs to feature here at the Intelligent SEO Blog, a SEO blog in the Philippines that's been topping all over the charts and has had thousands of visitors each month from clients to stumble overs. Back to UBD. UBD is Unique Blog Designs and they have worked for some of the best and most prestigious clients in the industry. You can read more >---> about their clients.

What is is about UBD getting here at the Intelligent SEO Blog. UBD is celebrating their turning into a 1 year old baby and they are giving away lumberjack prizes to their friends all over the world in line with their 1 year anniversary celebration. The prizes appear as below in the image.

I want to win that iPod as well as if any of my readers find this post, I bet they will come rushing to UBD to play around with the contest and greet UBD. Well, this is your chance, what are you guys waiting for? Go ahead and join for you might win this one. Who knows/


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