Thursday, August 21, 2008

Google Saw all My Cebu SEO Contest Posts

Google indeed saw all my posts and eventually removed me from their index on the Cebu SEO Contest results. I never expected it to come today and I never thought Google will see my effort. It did destroy my experiment but I still have one more entry that I can use for the seo experiment using a seo contest such as the Cebu SEO Contest.

I know that it will come but I didn't expect it to be today. I expected it earlier because what I have is only an inner page and I haven't even optimized my home page. I haven't also looked in the deeper view of the results with the keyword Cebu SEO Contest yet but I will after this post just to see if Google had me indexed in my home page instead of the inner page which is my entry to the contest.

There's one more entry to use in the SEO experiment and I will be more careful with my cross linking effort to see this entry last a little longer in the top 10 of the results and to be able to use it further in my experiment. I want to learn more about cross linking and linking structure that gave way for Google to see my effort and to remove me from the index on the SEO contest keyphrase - Cebu SEO Contest. More to come...


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