Sunday, August 03, 2008

The New Delicious, Looping with PR 9

From del-icio-us to delicious, did they really turn it good this time?

Delicious had just turned a new look on their social bookmarking platform and the redirection seemed to have, not a devastating effect on them but one of the bewildering results ever in the history of PR upgrade by Google . THEY JUST TURNED RP 9. You can take a look at their new look and be one of the first ones to see how they turned great with user-friendliness in their new backyard.

Delicious was up since 1995 of November and was bound to expire November 18 2008 but announcing their new look with a redirection to the new domain and 5 colorful links from wikipedia had them leading in the social bookmarking arena today.

Does re-spelling of the now leading social bookmarking site had them turn into PR 9 all of a sudden? Do misspellings really play big deal in SEO? It is considered a misspelling was it? (with dashes on a not so syllable-looking series of letters) Well, I have a few experiments on my own which I am not so lucky continuing because of so much work to do. Now I had the inkling urge to continue that along with other outdated experiments I had in the past. MAYBE.

People in the search engine battle have been wondering if it could really be such a possible theory of another series of new search engine optimization greatness. Or maybe it just has something to do with their being there since 1995 and having those few relevant links from authority site, Wikipedia? Any other way this happening wants to show signs of things like this and things like that, we all learn from it,,,,at least to me.

I'm happy the change did not make me loose all my bookmarks.


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