Sunday, August 31, 2008

2 Great Places to Get Good Niches

Where Did you Get that Niche?

Most of us because we feel our SEO talent is already enough and we can do what we want with respect to ranking up high or coming up with an interesting niche to top over in the serps, we forget a basic thing. We usually close our eyes to more simple matters when it comes to getting references for our niches, the good ones to promote our webpage with. Where do we really get the best niches in the internet and do we always have to use tools to see if they really work? What about you as an SEO, do you think you really have what it takes to be on top whichever niche you choose?

Common Niche Hunting Tendencies

I came up with this sort of weird post because today, I saw something that most of us would not bend our heads to. This is an area that most SEOs refuse to take a look at and give a little analysis for picking up something that you cannot just pick up out there when you search for a niche to target or to enter in to. Because we feel we are already good at it, we neglect about it. Some SEOs out there, they get their niche with which they will target to rank a webpage for from other SEOs. This is one of the common tendencies and we call this piracy. We pirate other people's niche or our fellow SEOs and use it to make a webpage of our own and possibly take out some juice. Of course, there will always be a need to take down and use some tools to be able to believe that there is something in the niche of a fellow SEO.

Places to go Hunt for Amazing Niches

So this post is all about places that we don't dare to notice or either refuse to notice because we thought that we know things like where to get a niche to enter a campaign from. So let me name a few situations or let's just say, a few clues that led me to concluding this can be a good way to get a niche from and at the same time those proxy IP users and spammers get a competition on their dogs. So where is this, let me name them below for a clearer view.

spam trackback comments - Now why in the world did I ever arrive at this assumption that there is indeed gold in this part of our blogs that we always seem to refuse looking at. Moderating comment spams are always a zing. Could it be because we have done the same thing and so we thought we already know what this is all about so it should be neglected? I tell you, this is where I sometimes get a good niche to target. Although most of the time, these niches are really very competitive. These guys who spend a lot of time trying to look for sites to spam with their trackbacks are really and mostly worth it for them. Who would spend time trying to utilize trackback comments if the niche they are promoting there are not worth a try. There could be a pot of gold behind these bars and we never even notice or we intentionally neglect it because of that feeling as an SEO that there is only junk in those trackback comment spams. Think again.

blog review sites - Now since I would want to assume that all of us SEOs have our own blogs or at least have tried blogging, I assumed in the first part that we all know where to look for trackback comment spams. This time we are up to the blog review or the paid for blogging sites. Why in the hell would I assume that there are a lot of good niches out there inside the paid for blogging sites that offer blog review services?

This is simple, if you have at least tried to sign up with these get paid for blogging schemes you would surely know about it and I wouldn't even have to explain it here. I saw most of my niches so many times and got them from in there and I can tell you that this is it. This is also a perfect place to go looking for amazing high earners out there for you if you are an SEO who earns through affiliate marketing or if you are planning to add up to a client's target niche.

Why? simply because most of the time or let me rephrase it, all the time I've been there looking for some blog review offers and it came to my mind to try and look for click estimates to a keyword that advertisers are targeting. I was surprised to have seen a lot of advertisers that have amazing high end niches that you can really enter in to and I had them all listed in an excel spreadsheet just to be sure that I have a list. I was really surprised when I did try to use the Google Keyword estimator in those niches. Those certain niches that advertisers there entered in their request forms for the anchor text to use in the blog review really pays big time bonanza in terms of AdSense and other affiliate marketing skips.

Feeling Good Knowing Where to Get a Great Niche

I felt good that I now have a resource to go looking at every time I try to look for a topic to get in or a niche to enter in a competition against those who already are in for quite some time. I've figured it out and it worked well for me as well as for some of my research for clients in my SEO job. Sometimes it just takes a situation or two to realize that there is something there. Try to look closely and look for a longer period of time next time and you might find gold in the thrash.


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