Friday, August 29, 2008

Small Contest But an Avenue to Learn - Cebu SEO Contest

The Cebu SEO contest is just a small SEO contest but still you cannot count it off. It is an avenue where you can learn a lot from. I've learned a lot from it. This is just the perfect teacher for me and for all of us, the same reason why I did not neglect it. I took my chance to use the opportunity that it poses for me because win or loose, I want to learn from this SEO contest.

For those who thought that the Cebu SEO contest is just about a contest they are wrong. It is more than just the contest that it is, a source of knowledge. Small source but worth it for sure I have seen a little light joining here and I don't regret a single day I spent doing things that I haven't done like when I was working as a regular employee. This contest has taught me more than just work but humility and friendship. A contest that no one thought would be of.


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