Sunday, August 03, 2008

Google Knol, Prone to Spam Attacks

I do not really understand why webmasters love seeing through sites that give links differently. I have talked to a few friends all I hear from them is how to build links this way and that way. Today it's different. The newly launched Google Knol is some service yet again by Google in their attempt to give a little bit more than just a social bookmarking site can give - a source of concentrated professional knowledge about a certain topics.

Today, I tried to visit the service and I was surprised to my own opinion and judgement that there are quite a few webmasters who are really obvious in their posts there using the service to sort of spam and propagate nonsense while there are already a lot of great information in there from truly concerned citizens who still believe that good content deserves a place inside Google.

I do not really intend to make my own pre-judging about this new service but the point is why the need to spam it with useless content while you have your chance to better service and access to some of the greatest contents in the world. Why the need to ruin your chance on it.

I do not want to play it clean because I have committed the same mistake early in my SEO career and even up to now without me knowing. We all have different baselines with distinguishing spam and there really are no boundaries set to judge one content and attach it with spam. Who are we really to know spam and judge content to be spam when there are no exact rules. It is our own prejudice that tells us so.

I dont want to pre judge but sometimes we really have to make a point so as to be understood and this is the same reason why I don't put more emphasis on spam except in a few cases only I know based on my own standards.


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