Thursday, August 07, 2008

Who is this Not Stupid SEO?

Google has been a little bit more controversial again with the latest PR update. Up to this day, it is really hard to learn how to manipulate Google PR because every now and then, there seem to be a different pattern for implementing the PR update. I've been trying to look at certain metrics and data to analyze on how semantics affect a website in terms of indexing for its target keyword or keyphrase but so far, none.

Over time, there has been so many stories told about semantics but like the wonderful world of SEO, there is still no definite answer to questions, just presumptions and estimates. I remember this guy, an SEO expert, self declared of course telling people and bragging about a link builder who made a mistake on her grammar. This guy, the self declared not stupid SEO???, had a title on his blog that says, "Another stupid SEO strategy: the filipino link builder who can't write". (Sorry for copy pasting this title from the Google results...I just can't help it.)

Now if I were to analyze the title of this
cool dude, it was he who seem not so good in his letters and feeling like an authority SEO who wrote his TITLE wrong. Does this guy know that "filipino" just like the rest of his starting letters in the title should be capitalized....STUPID should also be,,, right? Who's stupid here...does this guy even know when to write a title in CAPITAL first letter? THINK ABOUT THAT!!! Whos's is this guy to say who is stupid in SEO and who is not? Now who could this guy be? Can you make a guess? A stupid guess?

Well, I just got semantics out of my words here and I'll leave it all up to you to see through that. Anyway, this guy did an apology post (thank you for that, you glorified out justice). Now, everybody will read about it when they search for the keyphrase "
link builders Philippines". Congratulations!!!!, you beat a lot of us here in the Philippines on that keyphrase.


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