Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blogger Problems, I Need Blogger Digg It Plug In

In SEO, it matters a lot to have plug ins or some sort of making your content and pages available for the world to abuse and take advantage of and make them available in the market and anywhere else they want it to be. Plug in have a great use for many bloggers and SEOs alike and It keeps me wondering why they exist in Wordpress and can't for blogger (as far as I know) or Blogsome or any other blogging platforms out there that stood the test of time.

Well, forgive me if I am wrong and for those who knows where I can get a decent plug in for the "Digg It" sort of usability blogging tool, then hell, please tell me because I need it in this blog. I know I am not alone in this call and I know that there are a lot of people out there who would die to have this sort of plug in and I am eager to see one for myself as I get a little crappy on my great and intelligent posts here at SEO Outsourcing Philippines and Link Building Services blog. Yes I know that some would contest but please allow me to this and even if this blog is a blogspot as what most would criticize, I am having a lot of good time giving it some time when I am free from all the workloads that come my way doing link building for clients and customers from some parts of the world.

This has been one of the most common problems for Blogger Platform and yet I wasn't able to see today when I searched for some plug in that would have my and my content syndicated all over the web for my visitors. I guess I can see right now that this would help me and other Blogger fanatics out there if we discover that there is a "Digg It" plug in like in Wordpress. Now why does Wordpress really get all the luck? Hey, I am not even monetizing this blog even if it receives quite a number of traffic from all over the SEO archipelago.

THIS IS A CALL, PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE USINGMY COMMENTS SECTION IF YOU HAPPEN TO STUMBLE UPON THAT "DIGG IT" plug in for Blogger Blogs. Hey! yo, Blogger, I am looking into this and I hope you can hear or will hear this call.


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