Friday, November 21, 2008

AOL Journal is Buried - Blogger Provides Migration Tool

AOL Journal has finally decided to close out and the biggest question remained unanswered until Blogger, the Google- bought blogging platform where blogs are called blogspot has released a migration tool to help AOL Journalists to continue their old ways to share blogging ideas and personal rants.

The Blogger added feature, according to Blogger Buzz was the product of months of hard work aimed at helping Journals users to have a place to continue sharing their ideas and thought together without losing what contents they already have. This is good news for those Journals users geeks out there.

Blogger now welcomes AOL Journals users in their camp for the new feature and I personally want to call on the Journals users out there for this chance to be able to get their ideas out with just a few moves from the feature offered by Blogger platform.


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