Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Content Equals Traffic Increase

Sometimes you do not really have to do so much SEO with a website you are promoting today. All it took me is to make really good compelling content and the traffic is steady in this SEO blog of mine. Different countries try to visit each day and I am glad that way because I know the based on what I learned from the latest search engine news just the other week, soon, ranking will be dead and what will take over is the new marketing ear where SEO will just become part of it. After all, it's always been that way, it's just that some haven't realized it yet. The need to market your website or business has leveled up to interpreting analytics data and metrics beyond what SEO is all about. It's time for search engine marketing to take over and soon there will be no room for slow phase old fashioned SEO, just SEM.


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