Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Niche Blogging Earning Tips

A Niche Blogging Experiment

I never thought that niche blogging can really be a beneficial to some and so what I did was to get in to a small experiment that will tell me and confirm a few small details and answer the question, are niche blogs an effective way to earn from AdSense? I've been handling a few niche blogs for over 2 months now and been trying to see if there is something I can put up to add to the experiments that I've been to.

Advantage of Niche Blogging

Ok. we all know that niche blogs are not just pretty easy to handle because you can only be limited to the posts that you have to make to few categories and titles that you put in it. Aside from this fact compared to a general interest blog, a niche blog can be quite rewarding in terms of revenue. But this is of course if you can find a way to promote it and give it some time to be able to see if there is something here.

Now, for sure if you are going to use your niche blog in paid for blogging make money online schemes, you will find that there are a lot of businesses that would want a review from you. This is because of the fact that niche blogging and the blogs therein are all authority sites and businesses would hurry it up just to be part of your review if you offer one.

2 Best Ways to Earn in Just 3-Months or Less

In terms of AdSense, we all know that especially if you know stuff about SEO that niche blogging really has a lot of potential to earn. But the question is what is the definite time frame that can be a good basis with which your niche blog may be able to earn from affiliate markeing?

This is really simple and also easy to understand. I have experienced on my 3 month of experiment that within those 3 long months, if you really put some time in your niche blog, you can put up some good PR and we all know that in paid for blogging schemes, the higher the PR, the higher the pay and also the higher the chances that you can get an enormous amount of blog reviews from all sorts of businesses hurrying to be on top of your list.

This is not including those who vye to be on your sidebar where your advertisers want to be in. Give it some time, 3 months is enought for a niche blog to be able to become an income generating niche blogging scheme for you.

Find Time to Promote Your Blog

Now for those who would like to question this post, of course, you all have your own point to argue with me but the fact is, which ever niche blog or general blog you have, you have all the potentials you can get in the world to earn from that only if you give it some time.

Most of us find it hard to realize this and tend to become impatient after a few days or weeks of promoting and links building our blogs. After that, we mostly tend to loose interest in it.

This proves that there really is no need for any experiment because I also found out that the same procedure if effective for a free for all topical blogs or general discussion blogs. FIND TIME TO SEO AND LINK BUILD WHATEVER BLOG YOU HAVE AND YOU'LL SEE THE RESULTS.


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