Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Digg Graveyard - See if You're Listed and Damned to be Dead Forever on Halloween

Today, while looking our for some fresh information that I can use to post here at the intelligent blog, I came across with something interesting and I thought why not post it here so I can share it with others who don't know about it yet. It's about the Digg Graveyard which was posted at Sphinn. It is a place that never came to my mind ever existed after all the use and abuse I have made myself using Digg just to arrive at a dependable and reliable result to my numerous little experiments. (sorry for that)

It was actually an accidental find while I was looking at my profile, a long lost one trying to seek some old forums and digging up old manuscripts in the web that I used to use when I was literally new to link building. I wanted to use them all again so I went with my quest until I found the Digg Graveyard and the links at social blade, one by one led me to Sphinn, where some of the best posts I got here at the intelligent blog came from. I also took the liberty to post here the picture which I personally cropped just to fit in my blog and for others to see the look of the graveyard firsthand (maybe) here in my SEO blog. See picture above taken from Social Blade.

The graveyard actually featured top users, that is, the banned ones and they lie there dammed forever getting banned from Digg index. At first I thought it was some kind of joke until I was lead to the post about it on Sphinn which we all know is one of the most reliable resource for any SEO out there looking for some fresh and not so fresh information that really rocks and best of all, helps us go over day after day.

Anyway, just enjoy taking a look at the listing that I provided at the links within this post. If you feel that I did well (not in any chance great) with this post and find and you might want to subscribe to my feeds, please feel free. You can also show me some love by linking to this post and writing your own as I did in my links to the original source where I got this exciting article from. BTW, this is a "dofollow blog" so feel free to make your comment now but just please, I urge you to read first my comment policy below. You can also Digg this post.


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