Saturday, January 12, 2008

Google PR Update - The Penalty Continues

The Google PR update

is out yesterday and I feel that I am blessed because most of my websites had PR increase even if I had some of them in Paid Blog Posting schemes just to try out if Google is indeed in to something and to earn a little out of doing things I love - blogging.

A forum in SEOPh I found and read all over the threads says that some blogs indeed got penalized again the second time and from their point of view, it was and could be that they have paid postings in their blog. In my case, I would like to share a very interesting experience, my blog, SEO Outsourcing Philippines where I had paid blog posts didn't at all loose PR but instead had an increase from PR 2 to PR 3.

Upon learning that some blogs lost their PR having paid posts I immediately removed my banner ads where I am encouraging paid blog posting for a prestigious paid posting site. Even if my blog didn't get penalized, I wanted to see if this will give me a boost instead or at least retain my PR. Let's see what happens after this, if Google will not discover my paid postings.

Another experience I want to share is on a blog where I haven't posted since December 24 and it got penalized loosing a PR 3. All of a sudden it turned PR 0 and I want to see if it has something to do with paid postings or if it's just that I wasn't able to update the blog for almost a month that got it penalized by Google.

I know that it is true that orphaned blogs and web pages are usually penalized especially if they are ranking well in the SERPs and in their focus niche and this could be it for my blog. Nevertheless, I still retained my SERPs ranking at #2 with my niche.

Let this new Google PR update be another lesson to learn from Google for others who might just read this post and for me. Google knows, to what extent, that's for us to find out.


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