Monday, January 21, 2008

Google Slides Down with E-Bay's Pullout

According to the mindblog, one of the great blogs that I read from, there is a big slide as Google tries to communicate with e-Bay and take the competition further deeper when the big G decided to put up a party that coincided with e-Bay's annual conference in Boston.

This report was generated last June of 2007 and since this has been a big concern for many AdSense publishers, I thought to republish this same article but a with a little twist in my own opinion this year as a starter.

The prompt of removal of e-Bay advertisements actually started when the big daddy G tried to launch a big party (Google Checkout Freedom Party) that aims to promote their new pet project which is Google Checkout. This program is actually intended to pool out and give competition to e-Bay's PayPal. It is actually not the party that prompted e-Bay to act like this but it is the way Big G treated their publishers, said one e-Bay official.

Launching an introductory party with free food, drinks and massage is no normal in the point of view of e-Bay although this is not what it means according to them. Come to think of it, launching a party on the same night as you have and withdrawing a few days before is a very interesting deed for the day.

What could this mean for you if your were e-Bay? Was this really the cause of the e-Bay Ads withdrawal from AdSense as one of the biggest paying publishers in the tycoon SE? It's all up to you, anyway, this happened almost half a year ago and I do not personally know to this day if e-Bay indeed gave back Google their Ads and become the top advertiser again for the Big G.

This special event actually made many eyes roll last year and this could be one of the most interesting battles , a classic one for so long a time since. Webmasters and SEO people have seen something in this event but kept it secret even if it hurt them badly with publishing schemes of their own.


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