Thursday, January 24, 2008

Launching a PPC Campaign and Optimizing for Traffic and Ads Appearance

Keyword Research and Launching a PPC Campaign

The usual PPC campaign (AdWords) starts with choosing the niche that you would like to base your campaign. The first step is to actually make a broad keyword research where the aim is to get clicks for a cheaper cost while earning bigger than what you spend with launching the campaign.

Keyword research is the most crucial aspect of any PPC campaign therefore if this fails, all else fails for you and you may end up paying more than what you earn which results to bankruptcy in the latter part of the process so you better pay your attention and devote your 50% time to keyword research.

I'm not going to elaborate much on keyword research instead I would like to give a broader overview of what I understand in this specific topic which is PPC campaign steps in launching.

Creating the Ad and Making it Enticing to your Target Traffic

After you make a list of all the necessary keywords to use for the PPC campaign, you now have to do the Ads itself. Remember that the Ads is where you will be seen so this must be as enticing as a beautiful flower that anybody who looks in the corner of his eye will catch your Ad.

Mostly, you can start with a few words of encouragement as you will be asked to make a 2-line phrase that best describes your website where the Ads will lead when a visitor clicks your Ad.

You can also make sure that you have at least2 sets of Ads to see a split test result of the ROI if your campaign. Whichever is more effective will stay while the lower CTR (click through rate) Ad goes out of the list.

Optimizing for the Ad Keyword

Optimizing the keywords where you want your Ad to appear for search for an effective campaign can be a tricky way to increase your CTR for any Ad campaign. Some would resort and prefer their Ads to appear in high traffic keywords and sacrifice the relevance of their Ads over keyword related appearance of the Ad campaign.

Nevertheless, from my own vantage point, and from what others have given me as a significant tip in launching a PPC campaign, it is always best to give way to keyword relevance when matters of Ads appearance is concerned.


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