Thursday, June 05, 2008

The "Busby SEO Challenge" Arena Is Set

Setting Busby SEO Challenge Arena

Just as expected, the arena to the "Busby SEO Challenge" is set. Almost all the major players are there and there is nothing that anyone can do about it now. All teams have to work their way to the top of big G and one of them is out team - SEO TAE Team. We want to conquer the results as early as possible with efforts pointing to where the lead should be. We cannot afford to sleep on our entry and we cannot afford to loose grip with the endearing SEO we have done to get to where we are.

Learning from the Past SEO Challenge

In the Philippines, all the major players are out and hungry for the glory just like the past SEOContest2008 but it seems that this time there is no more room for yet another mistake and so we want to lessen that from what the Filipino champion told in his dealings. No one from the SEOs in the Philippines can afford that anymore and we all want history to not repeat itself. We all want to throw down that experience in the Busby SEO Challenge.

Get the Glory Back for the "Busby SEO Challenge"

With Busby beside to give a big hit this year, everybody wants to rule the world. We have gotten up there as a team and so we will get back and claim what is our before. SEO TAE Team will get what we want and we plan to do it as early as possible. We cannot be toppled this time even if we experienced a slight throwdown. We promise to get back there for what the others have not gotten in to. Duane, James and Sam will be there...


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