Sunday, June 08, 2008

SEO Sh** Trivia and Challenge to an Unprofessional and Moron Commenter from ...

Who doesn't know about the Mr. SEO Philippines? He's probably one of the guys that everyone want's to be with or at least pretend to know so much of. He is also responsible for all the biggest SEO contests in the Philippines and he is also a target of those other bad people in the internet business who would do things to ruin his reputation. I am very sorry revealing this in this blog but this has to stop here. I am not trying to go against those that come from the place which I will mention here for the purpose of information and to avoid misinformation. We only want to tell of what we found out, nothing more, nothing less.

The guy is a good man except for a few occasional faults in the previous social life we've been which we all have by the way. To start of with, I want to tell it straight, there is someone who is very naive to be a moron using an IP to comment in one of my friend's blogs commenting and telling words that are more unprofessional than what a webmaster should be doing, spamming Digg and other social bookmarking sites out there.

This guy/girl, I would like to tell in this blog based on the IP address tracking that we made came from Bacolod. Whoever you are, I am telling you that if you are out to find something, then you will find what you want and if you would like to ruin your company using their computer and making these rude comments, it's up to you. WE WILL PIN YOU DOWN AND WHEN WE DO IT WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL PAY! YOU AND WHOEVER IS WITH YOU BEHIND ALL THIS ! We tracked this from an IP address that fell on the place (SEE THE SCREENSHOT BELOW AND CLICK TO ENLARGE). Whoever you are, you are making a big mistake trying to use the name of SEO Philippines founder in making your rude comment." My friend e-mailed the SEOPH founder personally and he responded with the nicest words that it is not him and thanking my friend for informing him. I guess he is out of the country and very busy to try to comment on a not-so-well-known blog. "We believe he is not like that so stop using his name." Whoever you are, what you did is a serious PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL offense and it has to stop with the help of other people from SEO Philippines. May this serve as a call for others to BEWARE OF THIS FALSE BOGUS COMMENTS that could possibly hit you.

We have everything on record "Author : Su**er (IP: , E-mail : info@www.m******.com URI : http://www.m******.com Whois : Comment: Your website su***, YOU S*** Cheers Marc M******

What now???? YOU WAIT....

Sorry for those who might be hurt by this one, but you all can help us trace this so this stops right here and right now. Trying to ruin other people's reputation (moreso of the founder of SEOPh) which they have built for so many years is not worth it.

Here's the screenshot of the place where the comment came upon inquiry on IP source: "CLICK THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE" this is a call so help us stop this by spreading this and letting the culprits know that Marc is not alone.


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