Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Regional SEO Development in the Philippines - An SEO Review

With respect to the continued development of regional SEO where some of the top notchers in the booming SEO community in the Philippines are coming from other provinces, no one can speculate that next year will be better. One thing is for sure, the SEO industry in the Philippines is experiencing great changes and algorithms enough for the Philippines government to take notice. We are starting to witness the emergence of new SEOs from other regions in the Philippines contributing to the popularity of this field in search engine marketing (SEM). This can also be attributed to the growing support from blogger all over the country.

Blogs and blogging indeed helped the Philippines to improve more on the race to being the best destination of the SEO outsourcing jobs from all over the world. This is for the reason that many bloggers in the country engage in SEOing their blogs for better traffic and income. While it is unknown to many, SEOs have been struggling since maybe way back in 19997 where the only way to gain rankings in the search results is to implement what is now called as spamming the contents and the search engines as well. But that was before.

Early last year, a champion of the world SEO emerged to be from the Philippines in the Global Warming SEO contest where Benj Arriola won overall gaining the top spot at the end of the time limit of the said contest. Other little contests have been engaged for SEOs both newbies and veterans have been launched since to accommodate so many purposes. Some for traffic, some for subscription and some for peer and ego. Whatever the reasons are, it still is contributing tot he development of the SEO industry in the country and I am proud to be part of that pie.

All these are proof that regional development is beginning to take its toll to push further the quality of service that the world online business can get when they outsource their SEO and SEM needs here in the Philippines.


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