Monday, June 02, 2008

SEOs are Increasing in Visayan Regions

The recently concluded Arlo Gilbert blogging c****** is already finished and from my own observation, a new SEO from Capiz to enter the arena has emerged the champ with outstanding 2 entries to it finding the top spot. This is an indication that there are more and more webmasters out there in the Visayas who are not yet discovered from the center of the SEO business which is in Metro Manila. Capiz may be a small place but today it became a big place because of this event.

The emerged champ is Duane Cartujano from Capiz. Duane is a good friend of mine and I am glad that he is developing some good social relationships with other SEOs in the Philippines with his trial. There are a few buzz about the "C" but it seem legit enough to declare him the big champ because otherwise, he wouldn't have had 2 entries on top over the veterans and expected rankers at the end of the last minute. Those who have tried to topple the 2 entries by the SEO from Capiz failed because of the simple reason that he (Duane Cartujano) planned it to be that way.

Congratulations and a job well done!!! Duane for coming up a better SEO this year. I hope this continues as we enter the new era of internet marketing boom in the Philippines.


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