Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blogging and Optimizing in the Medium of Other Languages

A platform that is so very different from the other methods of SEOs is the use of optimization in another language. This is something different and I believe that this something that most of us SEOs miss out.

We target the U.S market and the U.K market believing that the arena is where the $ is. Well, I have seen others getting traffic from Malaysia, India, Burma and other countries where the competition is very low while these SEOs that use Geo Targeting earn their bread butter from this technique.

True, there is very little chance to get as much as what you can get if you get in a niche that is not loaded with stuff already but this is something that is very strictly different and very rare. While it is hard to find what people are searching for, this friend of mine found his treasure in a niche far from the competition but many people are looking for in the search field. So I guess geo targeting worked for him this time.


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