Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busby SEO Challenge Traffic in Digg

The traffic in Digg is really enormous these days with respect to the Busby SEO Challenge contest. This traffic is not the number of visitors that I am talking about but the number of posts that the participants are sending in.

At first we were the only one who are using it to the max and we brought our 4 entries to the top of the charts of the challenge but after a week or so, we stopped and there were claims that Digg is getting spammed but today, it all seemed to start again. Entries getting dugg almost at will and they succeed at getting to the top of the charts.

I learned here because of this traffic that I am talking about and I feel I really have to step it up a little bit to push the entries that the team have after the disqualification issue with the domains containing SEO in it. This time we will make sure. Somebody put some malicious software in our entry and we are still not shaken. We will regain the glory and we promise to even make the campaign more precise than what our competitors thought.

Precision is the issue now and we will not fail ourselves this time.


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