Friday, June 20, 2008

Taking the Experiment Hub a Notch Higher

Today as I've announced a new experiment by me and my team on the Busby SEO Challenge race to the top position. I am not sure of the effects of this effort but what's important to me this time is to learn from experience. I have seen how links behave for quite a long time and I have personally seen some efforts that were proven to be effective in link building but this time it's my very own experiment using the contest to see how keyword behave with such a stiff competition.

Busby SEO Challenge is a keyword in a stiff competition and is just the perfect venue and instrument to learning today. I want to achieve what others have using this experiment and I want to achieve it with the help of self aid and self learning. Whatever I will get from this will all depend on if I am right about such theories in link building and arriving at a link hub. This will be a first in a contest where the battle is really just a point of the tip of the nose close. Let's see how this works for my new learning in offpage and onpage SEO.


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