Saturday, January 03, 2009

Busby SEO Test l Unfinished Business

The opening of New Year gave the "Busby SEO Test" participants a new vision, more or less to make a few more tweaks to the link building and SEO of their respective entries. I have joined myself the first Busby SEO Challenge but failed to come up with the perfect plan to retain a ranking that reached up to 4th place. We were, as a team all reallt just playing let everybody know that we can compete when the sponsors decided to take our entry out for some rules that were changed later.

Now a fellow Filipino, is leading the race to the Busby SEO Test challenge I would like to wish him the best of all the best to be able to retain his entry to the said challenge. I want to help in my own way but I am afraid that I will just ruin the more, the effort that I am to make at this point of the said SEO test. Instead, this is just a post that hopes to lift the spirits of other participants from the Philippines. Eli, Whin, Bleuken, Gary and others. Go for the top spot guys!!!

We are hoping that this Busby SEO Test SEO contest will bring more opportunities to Filipinos who are in the service in SEO industry and we hope you all take the top 10 spots and if there is anything I can do to help you guys, just PM me a specific step to do so no strings left hanging if ever I will do anything for your entries. GOOD LUCK TO ALL BUSBY SEO TEST PARTICIPANTS.


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