Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Digg Launches Related Posts Beta

I guess Digg finally got over the spamming here and there from all corners of the internet marketing industry. They just launched their Digg Related Posts in Beta testing. This is the newest modification since I cannot remember anymore from Digg admin and I like this one as it somehow minimizes the opportunities for spammers (like me) and other out there.

This move to put some changes will lessen the chances that only the spam links submitted will get the say and outbound clicks. Maybe Jay Adelson woke up and said hey, we ought to use something out of those who gets visits and leads from using Digg in return.

Actually, it's not really them who benefits from it but all users as well because the related posts will take the users to more relevant content which is a good indication that there will be more chances to see other posts and diggs by other people.

This also means that those who do not usually have the time to search for other relevant posts, not thinking that it is possible, will no longer have to click here and click there just to find other information that they may be interested in. In just one page, there will appear a link to other related posts with Digg's related posts beta.


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