Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 Days of Agony as a SEO and Link Builder

I have been a link builder and a SEO for years now and I can't imagine myself being in this situation so many times but so far, this is the most challenging for me. The "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" SEO contest indeed got must of us in our seat buckled up and sticking on it. We all want the glory at the end of the day but the day seem so endless for all of us. The day seem not enough for our entry sites and our link building and SEO efforts.

While some have struggled only to raise a few index fingers in their respective keyboards, we, the new optimizers of the new generation (I must count myself as one of them) struggle to seek more and more knowledge as if some kind of a vampire really hungry for blood and thirsty for more as we taste defeat and glory all in sudden repulsive reaction by Google. There are those who prayed to Google to put them up the pedestal and then gave up on what they used to believe, now they have directed the power they have earned to an enemy's (competition is the right word for it) entry website.

While others have struggled to cheat in their most hidden ways and hide them for anyone to see, I am here in my desktop trying still to decipher what in the mind of Google when it doesn't respond to my call. This is my world, the world that I have learned to love and live with all my days everyday here at home and this is where I will be until the end of time. I love SEO more than just my friends and I admit it, sometimes more than my own family. It is sometimes the reason I don't take a bath just to finish things I have to do. I don't regret it instead, when I start to think about it, it makes me smile.

I couldn't imagine myself of a lesser man because of SEO and my life will be full of challenges that rise my blood to the head making me blush sometimes. This is the life of an SEO, the life that I love and the life that I chose to live and will always leave me hanging by a thread. The thrill, the competition, the challenge and the art of learning how things are when others don't and still struggle to find out. This is the felling and the life of a SEO. We will win the "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" contest at whatever cost. WE WILL WIN!

Sam Casuncad


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