Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sphinn Bar Argument: Why I Don't Approve Questioning Quality Over Responsibility

There is an ongoing argument within the Sphinn (allow me to say veterans and regulars) about raising the Sphinn bar. For those who do not know about it yet. Allow me to enlighten you with the sort of voting plexo going on.

"Sugarrae", a.k.a. Rae Hoffman (according to his/her profile I took a t peek at Sphinn) of MFE Interactive raised an argument regarding raising the bar in Sphinn, that is raising the number of Sphinns that a post needs to be able to land in the home page as a hot post. From the current setting, the suggestion by "sugarrae" is to raise it up to 30.

The suggestion highlighted such reasons why this suggestion. One of which was to prevent unworthy posts from getting in the hot pot in the home page of Sphinn. This way, sugarrae said, Sphinn would have a home page full of quality posts.

Now, my question is, who is who to say that a post is quality or not when honestly speaking, yes, I find a lot of greatly great posts from Sphinn but not all of those in the home page where there is the hot seat is really hot? I guess that leaves us with the same concern.

Here are a few of the arguments raised regarding the suggestion to raise the bar that I would like to have highlighted here which for me are a few good points aside from mine.

Skitzzo raised that there wouldn't be any difference at all because people who can find friends to raise their post to 23 and make it hot will probably find another 7 to help them push an entry to the home page.

"GOOD point here" - for me

Another TonyAdam raised, that he is ok with the 30 mark but his doubt is would that even help the quality of the home page any better?

"Even a better point" - for me

Here's the interesting reply from the SearchEngineLand, Danny Sullivan - "Might be time to take it up, though I'd suggest we go to maybe 25 or 27 first. Incremental to me is often better than dramatic. Also, with it being the holidays, activity tends to go down. We could also kick the weight of comments up. Comments do contribute as to whether something goes hot."

"Now wouldn't that be a better option for you?" I like that.

"My own opinion is that, I think it would be better to leave it at what it is today because I believe that this is just a matter of having friends in the Sphinn arena and to tell you all frankly, including the regulars in Sphinn, I don't care whatever quality the Sphinn home page has as long as I know for myself what is quality for me and only my own purpose. Everybody have their own purpose why they go to Sphinn and what could be a quality post to this person may not be any worthy to another so who's who to say what's quality post and what's not?" Don't tell me that because you have a lot of Sphinns in your post that we can equate that to quality....I strongly disagree on that if that is your point in raising the bar.

People at Sphinn know how to choose what's quality and what's not. We all do... so what's the point in raising the bar? Even if posts get hot and get to sit in the home page for as long as Sphinn is live, the Sphinners decide themselves what's hot and what's not regardless of whether they are friends or not. This is called responsibility.

If I am a Sphinn user or a Sphinn visitor, there is a big difference to a post with a 100 Sphinns that I cannot use and learn from and that which has 5 Sphinns that will do me good and where I can learn from based only on my own judgement. We all have different levels of interpretation, as well as needs when we speak of posts in Sphinn and there is nothing wrong with networking within Sphinn community either because that is the very essence of joining there as a search engine marketing community of adult, mature, responsible people who know how to know what works for them and what does not.

Let them all Sphinn as friends and let the others choose what they know will give them something useful in the end. No point in raising Sphinns needed to be on the home page because even if you all Sphinn up as friends a single post that I or others don't want or need, to me or the others, it would still be rendered useless. Don't worry, I am a responsible Sphinner and I am not one of those who Sphinn because this or that person is my friend or fee is some authority in the web. I don't even like all of the regular's posts there and best of all, I am responsible.

If you like this post, Sphinn it here.

I'd like to say sorry to "sugarrae" for missing on the picture in the profile (I hope you forgive me). My mistake is unforgivable there and thanks to ms. Jill for correcting me on that.


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