Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SEO Philippines Forum Will Soon Transfer to a New Backyard

It is officially confirmed that SEO Philippines Forum is transferring to a new backyard. The announcement was made by the SEOPh founder himself, Marc Macalua in one of the threads within the SEO Link building categories in a sticky post.

According to the founder of SEOPh, there will be other guys who have the caliber to help him manage the new arena for SEOs in the Philippines to thrive on. I wonder how the process is going to be and I am not even sure if there is anything going on like if the said domain is for sale at$000,000000 or not.

Earlier, there were rumors that the official website of SEOPh was for sale but the founder did confirm in another thread slapping the rumor with, SEOPh domain is not for sale. Well, people believed him but for me, I cannot see any reason why the said forum has to be transferred to a new one except for a fact that according to the founder, the aim is to make a better forum for SEOs here in the Philippines.

I am not really sure about that reason or if it is enough for all the members to accept but if indeed there is any other doubt, no one is sure about it or about what's going to happen soon. I just hope this move is for the better of all or at least of the majority.


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