Monday, October 15, 2007

IPs and Immunity Issue Affects SEO Efforts to Build Links

IP Addresses and SEO

From a forum at V7N today I read about a specific question in a thread relating to IPs and how they may affect the SEO efforts of SEO webmasters. Since SEO here in the Philippines is in its booming stage, I would like to personally, even if I am not the authority to discuss about IP and how they can affect the SEO efforts that webmasters use in link building, particularly.
IP Address and Forums

IPs as we all know are the first consideration in almost all forums since the issue of spamming had gone up from the brink of just a few guys who use it in the early days of SEO and gaining advantage over competing websites with respect to search engine results pages or the organic result of a search.

Forum Accounts and Getting your IP Banned

In forums alone, if you are using the same IP address even if you have registered different accounts and are actually two or more different persons, you will instantly get banned for some period on the first offense and totally on the second attempt. The reason for this implementation is because these forums are trying to avoid getting spammed again and again. Even if spamming is actually a minor case of black hat SEO, still, this will not help any efforts to make the forum threads as healthy as they should be for the benefit of the regular members, users and the visiting readers. This specific occurrence triggered the moderators and owners of forums to avoid multiple registration using the same IP address.

IP-Based Account Registration is Effective in Running out Spam

Also, to avoid decreasing the search engine trust, the forum moderators found their way to make some changes wherein they base the accounts of a person who registers therein using their IP address and if that same person or another person tries to use the same IP address to register another different account on the same forum, then he gets banned with the person who registered originally as first and prior to the second one and so on.

How Google Sees Your IP with Respect to Spamming

So far, this is how it works for the IP issue of getting banned in forums and as a minor basis for Google trying to limit building up links that come from the same IP Address. This also led Google to become immune from indexing the same IP site links and therefore, it will be most likely that even if you have a million links going to your website but came from the same IP address, it will only be deemed useless or at most trigger the immunity of Google for indexing your website's links and at maximum, could even get you banned in their results pages for spamming their index and manipulating the search results.


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