Sunday, October 07, 2007

SEO Blogs and the Changing SEM Algorithms

SEO is a Battle of Right Ways and Proper Tools

SEO is not just all about getting on top of the search engine results pages with your talent and knowledge about SEO. It also involves a constant monitoring of your business with the use of tools and people who know the right way to get to the top.

A business in the online world does not only include a battle of who is the better SEO and who has the most selling service or product in the internet, it is a battle of who does the methods best and he who has the right ways and in the right track in SEO will always win the battle. This is called SEM or Search Engine Marketing in today’s internet busy world and SEO driven tactics.

Blogs are One Great Tool to Use in Search Engine Marketing

One of the best tools today that any SEO can use are blogs. I have seen a single centered business once go up in sales up to 20 times and more because he deals with having the best Search Engine Marketing person and not just some content management team that some would think will bring any business up in no time.

The SEM person that he employed used everything like getting himself a good SEO from the United States but at first he failed. The reason is because the people whom he trusted his business with did not know how to use the right tools in order to give his websites a boost but instead the SEO used some dirty tactics that pulled his online business further down where improper use of tools and SEO tactics really belong.

Upon employing a new SEM person, a single one from the Philippines, the first step that the Search Engine Marketing person did was to change the contents and remove the dirty tactics that the latter employed in his business sites. After a few weeks more, the second thought came and there were numerous directory submissions in line to boost up the search engine popularity of his business sites.

Then came some article and forum posts and sooner than expected, all his earnings more than doubled up. Indeed the Filipino SEM expert had the best going for his business. And you know what, the best tool lately that they have been exploring is how to maximize the benefit of the most popular yet often missed up tool - BLOGS.

Using Blogs Will Always be the Best Way Up in the Search Engines

Blogs indeed could make or break any business especially if you know how to handle the best ways and means in using them. Although I have see so many times that a business grew with their own content a blog ranked and outranking a good business site with simple popularity with optimized contents, I concluded that this could be the reason why we have always misconceptualize the use of blogs in business.

Often we use it for letting the public know about our business and on what's the latest that we have to offer. Little did most know that blogs can be used to further go up with respect to popularity. And this is what happened to the business that I am talking about. There really is no reason enclosing the details about the business because I'm afraid it might ruin the element of surprise in them and the competition so I decided not to enclose any detail about them and the people working for the benefit of the business owner.

The point is just to make it clear that there are unmaximized and lesser explored ways to use a blog to make a business go up higher in popularity in the search engines and get higher revenues back on the track.

If you are to come up with outsourcing your business needs in Search Engine Marketing in the Philippines. The best way is to take a look and see for yourself who is the best in the business first as there were truly many great SEM professionals here in the Philippines and one proof of that is the many growing business that use these people to take them high up in the search engine results pages.


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