Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blog Tagging for Optimized Ranking in the SERP

Blogs and Optimizing for a Page

Blogs, as we all know is the most effective way of optimizing pages for a website as you can do most anything including changing the contents to favor any page you want to give importance to. This is of course by way of linking the page that you want to optimize for any keyword.

Blog tagging will do better for most but not at all times especially if you have stiff competition with your target keywords. None the less, you can still have the advantage that you want in terms or optimizing for a page or content.

Blog Tagging for SEO Advantage

Blog tagging is one of the best strategies that many bloggers do. This is done by giving your blog post a name to be distinguished by the search engines.

This way, if you have a tag that you have optimized for your page or dedicated for a certain page or content, you can always make sure that the search engines will see your blog post or content or even a single link as you want them to see it and this is called optimization.

By use of blog tagging, you make the search engines trust the page that you dedicate the blog tag or blog post to.


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