Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google Search with Instant Pages becomes faster, Firefox gets slower with the beta 4.0 release

I recently downloaded the Firefox 4 beta version but it failed my expectations. I didn't know where or what went wrong but for one thing, my experience with Firefox has never been so disappointing after the download. It destroyed one of my PCs for loading so slow and eventually, me trying to execute more commands trying to see what is wrong with the slow loading of pages.

Well, anyway, I still feel good that I was able to find out a way how to to revert my PC to the old version of 3.6. It even helped me get back to my work later on. By the way, I just had new video watched today regarding Google Search and how fast their index gives results to loading pages and if you want to find out what I just watched from YouTube Google channel, watch it below and see for yourself.


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