Friday, June 01, 2007

Google Dance and Its Relevance to Search Engine Optimization

The Google Dance

The SEO term called "Google Dance" is often used to describe the temporary index update of the Google search engine. Optimization is the biggest factor that plays the biggest role that is responsible for changing a webpage's ranking in the SERPs.

Google's index or search engine results page update occurs in an average of at least once every two months. Search engine optimization efforts are being measured this way through the results that come up in the SERPs. Another basis for this update is the bouncing changes in the PR or page rank bar of the Google toolbar.

Sometimes, these changes are very hard to catch by just looking at the results because they change at a much faster rate than the usual Google update and this is called the "Google Dance". The difference between the two is that the Google update is somewhat permanent or appears longer than the Google Dance.

During an index update there was significant movement in search results and Google shows relatively newly archived inbound links for pages of a website. However, in mid-2003 Google started to update it's index continuously at an indescribable and hard to catch rate making it even harder for most SEO efforts to be seen relevant and effective in terms of ranking for a search term or keyword.

How Google Gets Search Engine Results

The search engine of Google, for your information, is pooling their results from about 10,000 servers or even more using Linux PCs to lessen the costs. For this reason, it would of course be true that an index update cannot be reached on those servers at the same time. It has to be that updating the index has to follow the rule of one server after the other.

This is because of the fact i mentioned above which makes it hard for them doing it almost automatically. According to some sources, "the reason for the Google dance is Google's way of using the DNS or domain name system.

The Google Dance Tool

There is a Google dance tool i found which can be uploaded to your website for use and you can view it here... I do not really know about this tool but if you are interested to use it in your website, you can visit the link. You can be able to embed the Google dance tool in your website by copying and pasting the html code into your website.

Although i have only been able to give such a short data in this post, i would assume that it will at least be of help to some of the SEO people to see how the Google dance works for the efforts and search engine optimization techniques that you are planning to use for your websites.

Above all this, i would also like to share my personal experience and opinion to the Google dance today. As i have seen it actually change the SERP of Google, i have sometimes seen my websites improve rankings to almost three pages up and sometimes three pages down.

After seeing it work out and influence my efforts, i will assume to this point that whatever the dance is, whether it takes you up or down it is the most possible point that you might reach with the way that your search engine optimization efforts are going on. Link building efforts will of course still be the biggest factor of earning a good results in SEO.


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