Sunday, June 10, 2007

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Google, The Biggest Search Engine Opts to Integrate Adsense to Google Maps

A big search engine optimization news bursts out last June, 2007 stating that Google indeed is planning to integrate Adsense Ads to its Google Maps service according to Infoworld Magazine.The authorities stated that ads will be embedded into the push-pin pop-up graphics that are used to mark locations.

This means that whenever a web searcher uses the Google Maps and tries to view a location source, the push-pin pop-up will be displaying the AdSense Ads. There are no plans yet as to the exact date that these AdSense Ads will go live.

Google also added that the specific ads could also be integrated as part of the plan with their new "Mapplets" map mash-up making service on a revenue sharing basis. As to how they will manage the set-up is still under their due authority but they also said that users of this venture method would be paid by the click which was more likely similar to the current Adsense revenue set-up between Google and affiliate marketers.

Only the affiliate marketers have the right to limit the number of sponsor ads that would appear in the said "Mapplets" along with the decision to turn them off completely. This was said in detailed words by the Google engineer, Andrew Eland last Google's Developer Day in London (May 31, 2007) "This is something you will completely control,"

Adsense on Google Maps, Another Earning Opportunity for SEO Masters (Affiliates)

These AdSense Ads that will be integrated with Google Maps will be another income generating scheme for Google and most of the SEO affiliate marketing specialists as this will surely become another big bang for them and a boost for their earnings if this pushes through.

There were buzzes that rang the other day on forums that most SEO efforts will go and dig deep into this new venture for an early anticipation of the new pet project by Google.

I am sure this will have it's place among the trophy that Google had in their cabinet. In relation to this new announcement, many webmasters and search engine optimization experts commented that if this one pushes through, there will be many great changes implied and applied to the way that the number one search engine is making it hard for many SEOs in the search engine optimization community almost in every country and in many different languages.

The New Google Maps in Terms Of Search Engine Optimization

I'm pretty sure and confident that this new plan by Google will be another thing to consider in terms of search engine optimization and in traffic generation through AdSense Advertising Schemes like PPC campaign and CTR increase through search engine optimization.

If by this time many webmasters have been looking into this new income generating scheme by Google, they will also looking for possible ways to explore this for the benefit of SEO.


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