Sunday, June 24, 2007

Duplicate Content And SEO

SEO and Content Management

SEO is search engine optimization and this word means simply that the SEO (person) should optimize his web page's content. He has to make sure that he gives it a fresh look and fresh content at the same time. Basically, this is a simple argument that most of us miss with our optimization tactics regarding a web page. We sometimes fail to give it a distinct and original content to be able to make it to the top of the search engines without stealing the contents of others or without copying.

Duplicate Content Can Hurt Your SEO Efforts

Although some of us resort to getting contents from other's, we usually manage to make little changes and have the feel that somehow, the content we now have sort of have that fresh look on the point of view of the search engines and to avoid plagiarizing. On my own experience, I have seen how the search engines work with the use of my own websites and a little experiment regarding content writing and content duplication. A duplicate content can actually make your website rank for about 2 to 3 days and then you suddenly disappear from the SERPs when the search engines start to see your contents are just a copy of the actual more important page than what you have. Generally, a duplicate content would not do you or your website any good in any way i look at it.

Fresh Contents for Better SEO Results

Giving your website that fresh look and fresh content can really pave the way for your SEO efforts to boost up your rankings in the SERPs in no time. I also have my own personal experience where i wrote my own original content that tool me about a week to finish but the results really gave me and my websites the boost and out of 1.5 million competing pages, i become on top over everybody else in just a week or two. This means that there really is nothing compared to making original content and giving that really fresh look on a web page than having duplicate content put up in a minutes work. "Truly, hard work paves the way for glory at the end of the struggle." Search engine optimization is is any way simply seeing things go your way without compromising the work of others, instead relying on your own research and ability as a good search engine optimization personality.


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