Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Firefox 4 Download: What happened to my addons?

Yesterday was a great day for me as Firefox has finally asked me once again if I wanted to download Firefox 4 which according to the people behind would be at least 6 times faster? Well I am not questioning the speed today after using the medium / browser since last night. What happened was a big mistake it seems as although I found out later on that I can still control my plugins and addons in the addon manager, I was not able to use the informenter addon for quite a while since yesterday.

The big deal today is that we all know SEOs out there need that addon for SEO and link building purposes. Well at lest here in my case so I was not able to make links come to sites of my clients as well as to the sites that I own simply because I had Firefox 4 downloaded as my new browser. I gave my e-mail to Firefox and it was listed that I am the 18th dude to have his plugins/addons lost and useless.

If you wanted to risk anyway, here is the Firefox 4 free download. Good luck!


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