Friday, December 28, 2007

The Marhgil Macuha Contest Nears End

January 4, 2008 is near and so is the Marhgil Macuha blog posting contest and this is the same reason why I am having problems right now because my official entry actually and virtually disappeared after being in the top 5 for almost a day in Google SERPs.

My Marhgil Macuha entry before it disappeared in the Google SERPs is on the 12th spot this morning of December 28, 4:00 AM. I was still in the same position early this morning at about 9:00 AM but it disappeared by 12:00 noon. This is something I can't accept Google to be doing with my entry. What could be behind this?

I gained links and checked the URL and it;s doing well and is still indexed. First thing that came to my mind is that Google is preparing my entry for something big. Maybe when it comes back, I am already in the FIRST place....

Yahoo gave me the advantage though this morning as i am from out of nowhere, now on the 6th position. Get ready for the big flood guys! I'm gonna win this Marhgil Macuha Contest by january 4!

Thanks to TiOheM for giving me a chance to know him personally.


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