Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Get Paid for Blogging

Today, many online businesses are trying to make it to the top of the page ranking by having as many publicity as they can get and one way to achieve this goal is through blog advertising.

Through Smorty which acts as medium, advertisers can connect with bloggers by providing two- way traffic that generates extra income for bloggers and the much needed publicity for advertisers for a much lesser price.

If online businesses advertise on blogs they will have the opportunity to have original blog opinion articles written about their website and/or services including link code which will be placed by bloggers in one or more blogs in exchange for a small fee paid to Smorty by the advertiser and then a percentage of that will be paid to the blogger through get paid to blog scheme by Smorty.

For a blog advertisement to be effective for advertisers Smorty strictly tests all blog applications by considering many criteria to ensure that advertising on blogs will produce better results in search engine ranking.

On the part of the advertisers, a higher amount of bid for their products or services to be advertised on blogs will get higher page ranked blogs which in return will provide better rankings for their sites and a bigger income for bloggers for enjoying what they do best.


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