Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Widget for Blogspots

The newest widget release of is very cool. I am talking about the widget for their template which is the post archives widget. This enables the blogger admin to make some changes on how the archives will appear in the home page of the blog itself.

I enjoyed using it because of the simple reason that it really gave me the extra advantage of minimizing the space that my SEO post archives would take. Say if for example I have at least 80 blog archives and I would like to have them all available trough the widget, in the early style of blogger, the widget would only allow you to have your archives in the form of a list where it is annoying for most of your readers to navigate through the list just to see your previous posts and seek through the juice of your blog.

Now, it is never hard for me to give my readers a hard time digging deeper in my SEO post archives list because the widget has a special feature where I can make it all available in just a single space drop down box. What a convenience for me and my readers this will be.

Add to it the new cool template that I found today where I had a good time uploading and playing around with the different new widgets and navigation to make the look of my personal blog beautiful and user-friendly. The widget indeed made it even easier for me to finish playing around with my SEO blog and making it look more of a professional blog than before.

Also I would like to place a special mention about the user-friendliness of the new blogspot blogs in terms of navigation and maneuvering for a standard blogger like others are. If I enjoyed it, then what more for a standard blogger in the SEO community.

It really helped a lot making the blogspots earn even more than what they used to earn out of their blogs through AdSense and other money-making schemes because it now even easier for th regular bloggers to play around with the new widgets and use them for a maximum SEO advantage.


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