Monday, September 01, 2008

Leeching Enormous Bandwidth - "The Google Killer" Cuil is Funded at $ 33 Million Bucks

The words "Google Killer" I got from the ever popular techcrunch blog today and Don wrote on his article just the other day. I bet my fellow webmasters and SEOs here in the Philippines don't know anything yet about the said story of killing a site rendering you hopeless with an enormous upsurge of bandwidth eating by an indexing bot from the so-called Cuil.

Where this Cuil came from is still on an issue of debate by some of those who got hit by the said indexing bot that attempts to kill your site with the use of an enormous power of bringing in bot traffic that will eat your bandwidth and literally kill your site rendering like what those 404 can do or the "bandwidth exceeded" messages. Hence, this Cuil is called now as the "
Google Killer". Restricting its index in your site might help a bit but does not assure you that you will get saved from its killing claws. For those of my fellow SEOs here in the Philippines, I would like to have something really early for you guys to do when this happens to your site. Don't just hypothesize, this is the answer and you should know what to do.

In case you don't know what best to do, there is a Forum Thread on The Admin Zone showcasing a tutorial on this issue of the
"Killing Bandwidth" by Cuil. If you haven't met the killing bandwidth by Cuil, I bet it will just take a few more days to get there. The world has seen its power. Cuil's method of indexing according to some people who have experienced it were said to be of an amateur profile. Only random slaps were recorded by the site owners who got hit to arrive at this estimate of amateurish tendencies by the punisher, Cuil bot.

The only glory that we, the site owners however still got a hold on to is that the said killer bots still obey robots.txt.
Cuil's operating manager, James Akers had an explanation to all that is happening and his reply can be found here. He said that the Twiceler bot, the bot that crawls sites is actually in a state of something still experimental and that they are willing to exclude any site an owner wishes to be excluded upon request to them.

There were also claims about Cuil bots by Akers that there are some bots pretending to be Cuil's but were not actually it and so to make sure about this issue, he told in his reply and explanation that consulting the IP address could resolve doubts if you have the killer bot or the impostor.


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