Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sheilla May Baes - Scandalous and Judgemental Blogger - Wrong Blogging Choice

Just the other day, someone, some blogger blogged about me. I took a look at the profile of the that blogger and Googled for the blog until I arrived at the picture below which says that Pwengbee, Piyoz and Shiela Mae Baes is where the scandalous, pretentious, judgmental blog post and wrong choice of blogging came. The three names are one and the same... Well, at least it seems but only because the image below tells and I do not want to make any conclusions and make the wrong impression. I want transparency here and I also want to be clear that I will not be entertaining any comments here so just to avoid making the issue bigger, no more no less.

I do not know how to describe this person, this blogger who seemingly claims to know so much ethics in blogging after this incident that she initiated. Just let me lead you to the blog, this scandalous, pretentious and judgmental blogger who picks on people and blogs about them of wrong impressions and claims. I want this blog post to be clear about some things so as to not read or sound bias to anyone, not even myself unlike the post that I read from this blogger.

Judging people is not a good choice for a blog post and answering questions using
maybees just to hide the truth is not a crime but a self-centered effort to deny justice. Not helping the aggravated using those denials and maybees is just as worse as committing the crime itself. The rule of law as well as the rule of the above says it...and we all know it. This is fact and not some assumption.

  • How would you call a person who breaks a rule? Here are the exact words of that blogger: "Rules can be broken but I broke it in a good way". Since when can rules be broken and people can still be on the right side?
  • How would you call a blogger who denies facts at first using "maybe" as a word and then admits it later on?
  • How would you call a blogger who talks of being humble when in a post that this blogger makes, he/she mentions about people and judging them with words like "Yeah, I admit I have done such a crime but not that worse as you did (I hope)".
  • How would you call a blogger who makes his/her own images using people's names as if concluding or trying to make people believe on something that is not?
  • humility? Does this blogger really know the meaning of the word humility and being humble when he/she says that "Ever since, I blog about any issue that is bothering in my mind. I mention names, etc, whatever that’s in my mind"? Poor ethics...It all falls unto you.

So, tell me, are the words, judgmental, scandalous and pretentious not the perfect words for Sheilla May Baes blogger? Just asking and it's really up to you to judge the content, the blog and the comments of this person. You will find in the URL below

All these started in the captivating Capiz SEO contest and you can follow the conversation in order to understand about the scandalous blogger. You will learn that this is no accusation but more of a wrong blogging choice. The blogger helped amplify an issue that has been long settled (it seems). And it seems the blog post that talked about me and others by this character is picking on people. Is it a normal thing to pick on people and teach them about humility....humility? Just learn by reading. You judge and you make the conclusion, not me. My words are just mine and not for any of you to believe in.

here's the conversation:


The letters were made bold, underlined and with color just for the sole purpose of letting my readers have an easy way of reading my post. I want them to understand all about this so they can make the best and unbiased judgment and conclusion. The same reason why I am providing the whole source of the 2 blogs (resource) where they can read about the whole story and again, for transparency. I did not make my own images to justify my claims nor my theories here, just plain old image as they are from the web, edited by cropping no pretentious images connecting people with each other when in fact they are not...

This blog post was made as a sole independent opinion of the blog owner himself and not in any way for any purpose but rather for revealing the truth regarding an issue of wrong blogging choice. Names have to be provided so readers will understand who this post is talking about.

Images were provided as necessary only to support facts and not claims nor theories for bad sense bragging. No offense to those involved because this is only for the purpose of clearing the mind of people who knows the owner of this blog.

I will not be entertaining any comments here so just to avoid making the issue bigger, no more no less.


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