Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Android Phone:Google's New Linux-Powered Baby

Today I saw the Google co-founder and president in technology Sergei Brin and this time Google is up to their newly developed Google Android Phone, a Linux-powered mobile phone and browser which people earlier called as the G-phone. This Google phone is in unison with a lot more features you could ever imagine in your mobile phone and browser. In fact, in order to come up with a concrete review of the said gadget, people from Google like Steve Horowitz had to literally experience the full functionality of the said gadget for six months. See the video below.

The only question however is if you are willing to buy a mobile phone that's attached to a less popular operating system which is Linux. Another important issue however is if Google could come up with the development of more applications that will fit with the Google Android because for now, there are only a few interesting and usability functions that I believe with the fast development of technology will easily and quickly be rendered obsolete in a month or a year's time.

Deals and plans for the use of the said Google Android phone are for me cheaper than what most of us could ever imagine for the service that it can give to your usability needs and function as well. You can find other interesting feature review on the Google Android platform mobile phone also at ZDNet blogs and another feature article by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at the Computerworld Blogs.

Android is a new open source operating system and software platform for mobile phones, the latest perhaps. I also read today that soon LG and Samsung will come up with their own toy Androids which hopes to compete in the market soon next year which is 2009. Could this be another era of battle for the best developers for this new Android platforms. Let's just see in 2009 who makes the best feature meanwhile, I would suggest that you play along and don't hurry it up as what Sergei Brin told in the video above that Google is still on the way and trying to develop more usability-based applications. If you wanna buy the Google Android, it's your call.


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