Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why People Copy Content for SEO Purposes

I remember way back when I am literally new to blogging and I did not know anything about rules on content copying. I used to take some content here and some content there and presto, I already have a content of my own. This blog however is not part of that. Why I came on this topic is another issue and it is because, earlier this month, someone committed copying my content in another blog which happens to center on the captivating Capiz contest.

I didn't know at first that my content was copied until Wordpress sent me using my dashboard a very late notice on another webpage linking to my entry for the said captivating Capiz SEO contest. I wondered why it was late, maybe because I wasn't really able to update my installation from a 2.3 version of WP. Well, whatever it is it has nothing to do with the true issue which is why do people copy content from others?

There are a few I know of that makes a person or another party copy content from another webpage and let me show you how people find so many ways and reasons why the need to copy content from someone else and not provide any lead to the original writing.

First, a reason for this could be because they don't know or are not aware of the rules in content copying as well as content syndication. Another is because of competition which is aimed to topple the other in the results. An interesting reason however is because the original content is crafted to perfection that the copying party could not pass the temptation.

For whatever reason it is copying content is aimed only at one point which is to destroy the original content owner or the content itself. This may be regardless if the party copying the content knows or not about the rules or if the one who copied the content knows or not about SEO. Whatever the purpose is, SEO is the battlefield that it points to be the purpose.


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