Monday, October 13, 2008

Busby SEO Test - A New SEO Test Post

So what is the Busby SEO Test? Simple, this is a second run for Busby Web Solutions to sponsor again a new SEO test which they named as the Busby SEO Test. I don't know anything about the rules but for now I know that there are a lot of friends joining this one because they all want a piece of the pie, perhaps again one of the biggest contest to get launched this year after the failed kabonfootprint SEO contest.

Failed Kabonfootprint SEO Contest

The organizers of that failed contest will never get the respect and support of all SEOs whom they also failed to please with the cancellation of the said contest halfway. Well, going back to the 2nd Busby SEO challenge, I'd like to run some tests of my own regarding SEO techniques that could contribute to SEO rankings for Busby. This is more of an SEO test to see what works in the Busby SEO Test for a guaranteed search engine marketing and eventually arrive at a high search engine ranking for the keyword with SEO target. This is a method that will help me learn SEO and something more than just some search engine marketing training or search engine rank optimization. Search engine SEO is truly a wonder to many but this time I am out to see if this SEO blog for search engine SEO will make an SEO company wonder how to come up with an SEO content that will be on top for a long time.

Techniques in Busby SEO Test

I will also employ some SEO submission and techniques that I know work best in a contest like this one. I'd like to enumerate them all here even if they may really look some sort of rhetorics that does not fall under the table. SEO copywriting is more of a priority importance to this move, the same reason why I am testing this SEO guide post just like what I learned in my SEO internship back in the good old days working at home with my computer. SEO help comes in many diverse types like submitting in an SEO directory or leaving an optimized signature in an SEO forum called as SEO links. This is what Google tells me to do so this is what I am doing. It might just be some crazy thought but this have proven effective in so many SEO marketing ways. Other techniques will involve looking in SEO news and possibly some new SEO jobs for generating an SEO report to the search engines that they will see if it is indeed an optimized post for the test I am conducting here.

The SEO Program

The SEO program that I am about to follow here will hopefully gain placement that any SEO program will not help with. This is a test indeed and will not involve a pricing just like any other tests. Ths is free and this is a test with zero SEO report needed just like those SEO services out there that even charge higher than advertising in Google. SEO submission to as much and as many possible linking partners will help a lot but I wanted to see it plain and simple just like SEO sponsors for educational opportunity - free. Hopefully, the SEO search will yield something more than just what SEO placement is all about or SEO jobs give back to you. This is an SEO test and this includes SEO test that will prove that an optimized post still ranks well in the serps with the perfect SEO tips coming from Google itself.

A Final Move for the SEO Test

Again, this is an SEO test using an SEO website without a single link pointing inbound or outbound with all there is to use including a perfect SEO toolkit that will top search engine ranking in a few days with the keyword, Busby SEO Test.


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