Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pinoy Jobs in Cyprus (OFW): Search Engine Marketing and SEO

Cyprus, an eastern Mediterranean republic found in the East of Greece is now the next target for Filipinos looking to work for different positions. This report came in the news today in ABS-CBN channel 2 (a local news channel in the Philippines) . According to the local Pinoy news, Cyprus Jobs for Filipinos (OFW) are centered in the positions that Pinoys will be looking to fill up by early month of February were, electrician, chef, concrete finishers, manicurists and labor workers.

As this is a good sign that the country is starting to open to Filipinos and the Philippine skilled and professional working population, I started to wonder if there is by any chance that online business would also be a good place to start off for some of the talented professionals from the Philippines in the search engine marketing arena.

Aside from these details released today in the news about jobs in Cyprus for Pinoys or Filipinos, I did a short research about the current search engine optimization (SEO) in Cyprus and found literally very few competing for the local online businesses there. I also did a short study of the current search engine marketing condition in Cyprus and found even a little bit lesser professionals vying for this specific job.

Even if this is the case for many places in the world, I am hoping that in time, the SEO and search engine marketing industry will grow and this post is part of a call for professionals to try and seek a place in the search engine marketing arena in Cyprus.


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