Monday, December 01, 2008

Expert eZine Articles Author

The Intelligent SEO Blog author (me) has just been labeled as expert eZine articles author. I just want to share what I found out today regarding this matter. I earned my expert eZine articles author award from the management of eZine and I am really glad about that. This means that my articles will be featured in their article directory. This also includes other special priviledges for me as an expert author and I believe I will be writing more articles in my life as a Search Engine Marketer of this lifetime.

I would just like to share it here in my blog because it makes me feel proud to be a member of the most prestigious and with strong search engine authority article center in the internet today. I am happy because this will be part of my profile promotion once again and I just put the badge that eZine just gave me for my becoming an eZine article publisher author. I would like to thank the people behind my promotion and I promise to release more useful articles in the coming writings that I will be doing.


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