Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Bought My New LCD Monitor

I do not have a picture of it yet in here but I will soon provide a picture of the new LCD monitor that me and my wife just bought with the help of the money earned via doing link building jobs for businesses from around the world. Right now we still have clients that made this possible plus a very helpful brother who we owe everything in this table where I sit in front of right now.

It's actually been a week since we bought this but a few things got messed up and so I have to leave my PC here for a while and take a short rest. Now that I am back, I was slapped with some post from another blogger who never runs out of untrue stuff to tell on his/her blog. Well, that's just about life. I decided to face it with the use of facts so there really is nothing to be afraid of after all. SEO really is something confusing and so is blogging...but just sometimes.


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