Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Capiz SEO Contest is Over Today

The "captivating Capiz" SEO contest is finally over today, there is only 1 hour and a half left to be exact and I know that my entry will make it to a notch higher if there is enough time. I've seen the algorithm twist and tweak a little bit bringing my captivating Capiz entry to the #2 slot of the results.

If only this last few ditch effort will help it become on its stable positions at the second half of the hour, then I will win the second place for this contest, leaving Eli a notch below. I know there is still something here in few minutes as the algorithm will finally subside with my entry on the 2nd spot or probably even the first spot if there is enough time. For now, only time will tell if my entry will still make it to the second slot of this contest. Let's just see.


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