Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Timing is Everything in SEO - I Won 2nd Prize in the Captivating Capiz Contest

I just wanted to share a small yet not so secret secret about my winning in the Captivating Capiz contest that ended last Oct. 26. Everybody who is in the top 10 position that day knows that the last 2 hours, my entry is in the # 5 slot where nobody thought that I can make it to the 2 spot on the last few minutes of the contest.

Actually, there really is no secret at all in getting on the # 2 spot all of a sudden. Every SEO contest does not really win an SEO (the person). Every contest wins a link builder and the perfect timing of doing link building for an entry. I knew the moment I saw the results of the contest when Google moved and showed an algorithm every 15 minutes and that indicated that whatever I am working on with my entry, it is somehow making Google respond in the last few breath-taking minutes of the contest. It was just plain old link building till the last drop of sweat that won me and my entry that #2 spot so I know what works is just "perseverance".

This contest made me realize that there is nobody better than those who strive hard to get links for a contest entry even if it is the last few minutes of the contest. I know it because it has won me one that day and I am glad about it. A 5 minute interval is what I did with my entry until the last quarter of the contest and I am glad that I succeeded with it. Knowing how things work for you to let Google know is something irreplaceable as an SEO. Today, I would not want to call myself an SEO but rather a link builder. I have seen what works and I am glad about that especially when I did a perfect interval on link building in the last 2 days.

I used the internet cafe in the last day of my link building which is also the last day, the very day of the contest and I would like to thank James Baldonaza for a link love that he gave my entry using a short blog review in the last few weeks. I would also like to thank those who joined for making the constest really interesting until the last few minutes that I spent in the internet cafe away from home in the comfort of my own PC. Anyway, this is the nth time that I joined a contest but is the first ever one that I did not declare that I am on the process of experimenting anymore. I seriously treated this contest as an official contest where I am going to use all the I have learned from the previous ones including "s*******". Opps I did it just for additional knowledge and nothing else.


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