Friday, September 19, 2008

"Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb" and SEO

"Promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" is the new keyword for the SEO contest that was just launched by one of the senior web design and SEO professionals in SEOPh forum, Alfredo Palconit. Al has been doing business since I don't know because I was not yet in to internet marketing then but he is a good friend of mine, in fact he is one my friends among friends that this Intelligent SEO Blog is linking to. I am not really knowledgeable much with all of the contest rules because I am sleeping that time but I would like to announce it here just to see what happens next.

I believe that what the participants are doing right now is optimizing their static sites which is a primary rule in joining this PhP 275,000.00 SEO contest in the Philippines. This is the second highest buck SEO contest in the Philippines since the failed "Alibata" SEO contest organized by the SEOPh founder Marc Macalua (I read in his blog that he is getting married soon). There's are a lot of requirements for the said "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" contest. Srednarb I know stands for the word branders which is actually the brand of the main sponsor of the said SEO contest.

I am sure I will not be able to join this one unless someone teams up with me and would be willing to lend a domain and design and optimize it for the keyword on the contest as I will be the offpage SEO worker. Mind you all SEOs from the Philippines that this is only a short contest which is targeted to finish by December of the same year so there is really very little time. I also see that there is no ranking page yet on the keyword "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" for the said SEO contest so I would be looking to draw first blood here since Al announced the source where we can find the contest keyword.

This is so long a keywords so whoever has the perfect match will mostly get the top spot early today. I hope the guys out there who haven't had any sleep trying to take in and wait for Al's announcement already knows about the keyword unless they are sleeping right now. Here goes...


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